Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to attend Global Youth Health Summit & Hackathon - 2018 ?

  • All High school students (Grade 8 / Year 9 and above)

  • College students including undergraduate, graduate and professional

  • Parents, educators, community members interested in #YouthInHealth

  • Professionals in the area of youth mental health, technology innovation and leadership

When and where will this event take place?

  • The Summit and the Hackathon will be held at Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong. It is one combined event starting 1pm on Saturday, Sept 22 till 10am on Sunday, Sept 23.

What are the event timelines for planning purposes?

  • The Summit and the Hackathon will now be one combined event starting 1pm on Saturday, Sept 22 till 10am on Sunday, Sept 23.

  • From 1 - 5pm on Saturday, Sept 22, attendees will be introduced to the issues surrounding youth and mental health through a keynote presentation, panel discussion and experiential learning activity.

  • After a brief break, we will move directly into the second phase of the event, #MDJrHack. Attendees not interested in participating in the Hackathon are welcome to leave at this time.

  • Inspired from the perspective gained from the first part of the event, Hack participants will work through the night to create innovative digital solutions. #MDJrHack will end at 10am on Sunday, September 23.

What should I bring with me to the conference?

  • Please plan to bring a great attitude! Additionally please bring a HKID / Government issued ID, laptop (personal monitors if required are welcome), charger, extension cord*, snacks, refillable water bottles. *There will be limited power outlets at the event, so please bring an extension cord

  • A signed waiver for using the Hong Kong International School (HKIS) premises.

Where can I receive more information about the Hackathon?

  • We encourage you to visit our Hackathon page for more details.

  • Remember, even if you don't code or are into technology - a hack has room for all types.

What is the dress code for the conference?

  • Dress code is business casual. Business casual for both ladies and gentlemen can mean wearing dress pants (khakis are acceptable) with a nice shirt (short or long sleeve and for gentlemen, with a collar). Ladies may also consider wearing a dress or a skirt with a nice shirt.

How will I benefit from attending the #GYHS #MDJrHack?

  • Become a part of youth leadership #YouthInHealth community movement.

  • Understand the process of serving and leading selflessly.

  • Be involved in stimulating discussions about current #YouthInHealth topics.

  • Identify and connect with mentors in leadership, innovation, youth & mental health related fields.

  • Network with prominent local and global healthcare innovation professionals and leaders.

  • Receive a certificate.

How do I register?  What are the fees?

  • Registration is free and the event is limited to 150 participants.

  • Students and others are invited to sign up individually or as a team for the hack.

  • Students who participate in both the Summit and the Hackathon will be awarded MDJunior’s Youth Fellow Certification.

Is there parking available at the venue?  

  • Unfortunately there is no parking available. Please use taxi / public transportation.

I have special dietary needs.  Will there be food available to suit my needs?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate dietary restrictions. Participants with dietary restrictions are advised to bring their own food.


Global Youth Health Summit & Hackathon - 2018